Privacy Policy

The main responsible for processing your data related to our services is Plurall Network, a company based in Estonia. The user can always contact Plurall to address any question, doubt, complaint or suggestion about Askker by e-mail:

This privacy policy is an attached part of the Terms and Conditions which regulates de use of Askker platform. In this way, the use of the platform will only occur when and only when the user agrees with the conditions established in both documents.

Collected Data

Data provided by direct interaction

The Platform asks only for the minimum data required for the conclusion of the register, what makes possible future accesses.

Sometimes, the users choose to log or register on Askker through the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Google. When it occurs, only the information expressly reported is transferred to Askker.

Data automatically collected when Askker services are used

The surveys, all information created from interactions with surveys and all user data are stored by Askker only for the purpose of keeping available the surveys created and managed by the user.

When the user interacts with the platform, then it is important to have in mind how Askker may use relevant data:

Information about the equipment: we do not collect any specific information related to the equipment, such as the version of the operating system and other tolls of identification.

Geographic localization: We do not collect or use your current location.

Customer data and register: these data are collected intending the compliance with privacy laws. Technical details, including the Internet Protocol (IP) of your device, time and operating system are stored. We also store your login information (day of register, day of last modification of the access name, day of the last successful session, etc.). Additionally, we usually store information about the type and version of your browser.

Clickstream Data: we do not collect any data about your activity on our platform, including the websites you use to access the platform, the register of day and time of your visits, surveys you created, list of advertising banners that you access, your interaction with these advertisements or listings, duration of your visit and the order of the contents you access.

Cookies and similar technologies: we do not use cookies at any opportunity.

Data from third parties or from public available sources

We receive user data from third parties only when the user expressly authorizes and within the expressly authorized limits.


Minors are not allowed to register themselves as users and, therefore, they cannot interact with the platform and its surveys. Our services are not intended for children under the age of 18 years and we do not consciously collect data from anyone under 18 years. If Askker discovers that a minor has included his data, such data will be immediately removed and the minor user will be excluded.

Use of Personal Data

We collect your data and your interactions just to comply with legal and or regulatory obligations and also to keep the platform running once this platform only operates whit your data.

All data directly included on Askker are not treated, exploited and/or in any way commercialized for any purpose.

Access availability to the platform and its surveys

 If you start a session on the platform using your e-mail ID, then we will use your e-mail address to identify you as user, allowing you to access Assker.

 If you enter using your Facebook account, Google Plus, or other account, we will use the name and surname of your profile to identify you as a user on our platform, allowing you to access our platform.

 The logon information of the paragraph above is also used to provide users with services according to the Askker Terms and Conditions.

We process the information described above intending the correct execution of the platform.

Allowing a secure platform

 We use your access data and identification for your protection and for the protection of our platform (including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, fraud prevention, system maintenance, support, communication and data storage).

Changes of this Privacy Policy

We can change the this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will publish any change of this Policy and we'll let you know about such changes by sending you an e-mail or through this platform. If you disagree with any amendment, you can deactivate your account accessing the account settings, where you can delete your account.

User Rights

Under certain circumstances, and once considered the data protection laws, you have rights regarding your personal data.

If the user wants to use any of the rights described below, he can use the features available on the platform or contact Askker by email.

The user has the right to request access to his personal data (known as "Personal access Request for Data"), receiving a copy of the personal data we have about you, what allows you to verify that we are processing your data within the limits set here and within the criteria established by Law.

The user has the right to ask for corrections about any data we have about him. Such right allows the user to correct any incomplete or wrong data we have about him.

The user has the right to ask for limiting the processing of his personal data. Such right ensures the power to request the suspension of processing his personal data in the following circumstances: (a) always in any use of data that do not comply with the law; (b) whenever the user needs such data as proof, to defend himself or in case of any lawsuit or (c) if the user does not agree with our use of his personal data, although we are obliged to check whether we are legitimated to continue using them.

The user has the right to ask for the removal of his personal data and/or his surveys. Such right ensures to the user that we will remove your personal data every time you may request it. The user must keep in mind that we may be legally obliged to withhold his data for certain purposes.

The user has the right to oppose the processing of his personal data when and if practiced by Askker.

The user has the right to ask for portability of his personal data. In these cases, we will provide to you or to the third party of your choice, your personal data in a structured format, normally used and readable electronically. This right applies only to automated information for which you gave us initial consent to collect or in situations in which we have used the data for purposes in compliance with the law and our policies.

Free of charge: The user has the right to receive his personal data free of charge (or exercise any of other rights here established). However, Askker may reasonable charge the request when such request is manifestly unfounded, repetitive or excessive.

Timely response: We try to respond to all legitimate applications within a month. Occasionally, it may take more than a month if your application is particularly complex or if you have made multiple requests. In this case, we will notify you and keep you duly informed.

Additionally, we grants to user the right to submit a complaint at any time to the data protection authority, if any. However, before submitting a complaint to the data protection authority, we would like to have the opportunity to deal with your concerns in the first instance, so we appreciate you contacting us via

Communication and advertising

Askker will basically use e-mail, notifications or the platform to communicate you about any matter related to the platform.

You will not receive communications of marketing of third parties originated and/or administered by Askker.

Non-data sharing

In general, we do not share users data. This data, however, might be addressed to:

Affiliates: We share data with other companies of Plurall Network to help us providing best services such as the improvement of our products, customer support and mechanisms of fraud detection. Any exchange of personal data within the group of Plurall companies outside the European Union ("EU") will always be subject to safeguards or to data transfer agreements that clearly define the obligations of the parties and ensures appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect such data.

Third service Providers: we use third-party service providers to help us in some aspects of our services, especially the technological infrastructure. We may use, for example, cloud storage services provided by Amazon Web Services and the Microsoft Blue. Service providers may be in or outside EU. Such suppliers, and all other suppliers we use, expressly certify to be in compliance with the applicable laws.

Askker does not allow its vendors to use your data in their own benefit and we only allow them to process your personal data according to specific purposes and in accordance with our instructions.

Law enforcement authorities, regulators and others: we may disclose your personal data to authorities, regulators, governments or public entities and other third parties that require us to comply with any legal or regulatory requirements.

Possible mergers and acquisitions operations: we will be able to choose to sell, transfer or merge our business or our assets. Alternatively, we can try to acquire other business or merge with them. In the event of any change in our business, the new owners may use your personal data as described in this Privacy Policy.

Access to data by other platforms: when the user publishes the link of any survey on another platform, then all survey data and the use of this data will also be subject to the privacy rules and conditions applied by the other platform.

International transfers

When we transfer your personal information outside the EU, we guarantee a similar degree of protection, ensuring that at least one of the following measures is implemented:

 If the user is a European citizen, we only will transfer your personal data to the countries that the European Commission considers to provide an adequate level of data protection.

 Whenever we use certain service providers, we can use specific contracts that give personal data the same protection they have in Europe.

The user can receive more details of the about safeguards we apply by sending an e-mail asking for details about it.

Storage location and storage term

The user data that we collect will be stored and managed both inside and outside the EU in secure servers in order to make the best possible experience available for the user.

We will only keep your personal data as long as necessary to comply with the purposes of the platform and the law, including the purpose of respecting any kind of legal or communication requirement.

To determine the appropriate retention period of personal data, we consider the amount, nature and sensitivity of the stored personal data, the potential risk of damage from disclosing data, the risk of unauthorized use of your personal data and the applicable legal requirements.

Technical and organisational measures and security processing

All information that we receive about the user is stored on safe servers, being implemented technical and organizational measures that are appropriate and necessary to protect his personal data. Askker continually evaluates its network security and the suitability of its internal data security program designed to: (a) help protecting your data from accidental or illegal losses, access or disclosure, (b) identify predictable risks regarding network security and (c) minimize security risks by evaluating and testing this risk.

Although the measures that we implement to protect your data, any data transfer over the Internet or other open networks is totally safe, existing risk of access to your personal data by unauthorized third parties, especially when the machine you use is contaminated by malicious programs capable of capturing user's data.

Links to third-party websites

Our platform may contain links to websites or third-party applications. When the user access one of these links, he needs to keep in mind that each platform has its own privacy policy. We do not control these websites/applications and we are not responsible for these policies. When you leave our platform, we recommend you to read the privacy statement of all the websites you visit.


For any additional information, please contact the channels informed in this policy and/or the channels we disclose on platform.